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GUI and compatibility

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First, the new gui is amazing 


1) can u put the gui for no DLC game? 

2) can u get better compatibility for game with and without DLC? I mean, can play 2 versions without restart the game? like do with dont starve...

no more comments u do a great job.

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Extract from Klei update letter:
Unifying Spaced Out! with the Base Game

We're making lots of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes in Spaced Out!, and it's always been our plan to bring the two versions of the game together so that when someone is playing on the base version of Oxygen Not Included, they'll be playing on the latest and greatest version of the game, regardless of whether they own the DLC. However, because of the fundamental changes to the code that we've made for Spaced Out!, there's still a lot of work to do to make the two versions of the game unified.

The result is that the base game is "frozen" on the old code, and some time in the future when the new code is ready to support both the DLC and the base game we will have a major update to the base game (with a proper preview period of course) to bring in all the new features. (This will also solve having to re-download the game when you switch DLC on and off.)

Sometime before we launch, all players will be playing on the same version of the game, with DLC content and features being toggled on and off from the main menu.


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