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Radiation exposure and plumbed facilities

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IRL showering (or other ways of cleaning onself with water in general) is one of the decontamination measures after exposure to radiation. I think it would be thematically cool to have water-based hygienic facilities (mainly showers and sinks) to interact with radiation-exposed dupes.

Here are some suggestions about an those interactions:

1. Include showers and sinks in radiation treatment

Showers and (to much lesser degree) sinks should reduce the severity of radiation exposure after use. Thematically it would make sense to give showers more efficiency in decontamination process, but it would also make sense that sinks also offer some help. 

The decontamination role would put those facilities in the interesting spot between prevention measures and the actual radiation sickness treatment.

1.1. Showers as checkpoints

To make showers more useful, both in general and in the scope of this suggestion, I think there should be an additional "mode" setting. Shower should have 4 modes: 

  • 1 Default mode, which allows it to function just like it functions now;
  • 3 Checkpoint modes, which correspond to 3 "Direction" settings of sinks. They make shower work like sink, forcing dupes to use it when they pass it. It may be convenient to have a reduced use time and a separate effect (one that doesn't give Morale bonus/gives less Morale) for those modes.

That way, showers may work as a decontamination checkpoints between highly radiated areas and the rest of the base. This would give players an additional incentive to use them. It would also make their effect-removal component (as well as suggested radiation exposure reduction) to be used more effectively.

2. Make showers, sinks and lavatories transfer radiation to theirs output

Just like with germs, making plumbed facilities transfer radiation to polluted water would make sense. It would also make proper radiation exposure management more challenging, as one would not want radiated water to cycle through colony.

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