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Lureplant Turf

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The concept is based on the idea of eyeplant-harvesting grass/twigs/reeds/stone fruit farms. Those farms, while providing a lot of resources at once, are hard to be improved to full potential (due to weird spawning pattern of eyeplants) and are somewhat locked behind Wickerbottom. For that, I suggest a way to make lureplants useful for farming for all characters at the cost of time dedicated to small minigame.

First, you need to obtain the lureplant bulb itself. Second, you need to find the lunar island. Third - find a lunar grotto and dig some moontated turf (or get moonshrooms to craft it). Finally, you need to replace the turf near one of celestial fissures with moontated turf and plant lureplant on it. After 20 game days, the moontated turf will turn into lureplant turf, which can be dug up and replanted somewhere else. Everything pickable within the turf tile will be picked with effect similar to orange amulet. If there's a container (like chest or backpack) within that turf, it will be placed inside. Insulated containers like salt/ice boxes are prioritized (e.g. filled first). If there's no free slots in the container, nothing will be harvested (to put the farm on hold).

Like another thing found on lunar island - the mighty anenemy - lureplant turf functions while unloaded, allowing to fully automatically get large harvests overtime from a single turf tile. Since some of the plants found in game can't be relocated (but the turfs underneath them can), this can be exceptionally useful.

Some of the uses I can think of at the moment (to confirm the usefulness).

  • Replanted grass/twigs/stone fruit farms (largest yield due to ability to be planted densely);
  • Reed farm (every reed within the tile will be collected once it grows for 1 cut reed every 3 days, or 18,33 cut reeds per year). Plant several turfs throughout the swamp to get largest harvests and visit them once a year.
  • Rot farm with light flowers/lichen/natural berry bushes growing on top.
  • Leafy meat farm to harvest leafy meat as soon as lureplant grows it (and preferably build salt box on the same tile). Use plant's offspring to rob its own parent.
  • Automatic meat/horns pickup from anenemy-based goat farm (amplified with saltbox built next to it).
  • Quick pickup of mob drops from loaded farms (like hound tooth fields, bunnyman only/bunnyman-spider farms) to avoid loss of loot to mobs themselves.
  • Harvest of tumbleweeds in case their spawner has been discovered by an eagle-eyed player.
  • Collecting stone fruits first by mining standing on the tile and only having salt box/ice box on that tile. (Reduces initial spoilage before use)
  • Koalephant/beefalo based poop farm - they spawn poop offscreen if there's none nearby. Pen them on avoid them walking away from the tile.
  • Similar to previous example, guano farm near cave entrances, which is spawned by batilisks.
  • Harvesting large amounts of gold from pk trades by replacing wooden turf with lureplant turf.
  • Collecting logs from the player planted forests that got beavered or beargered.
  • Performance-optimized grass gecko farm (due to grass not lying on the floor one by one).
  • Automatic retrieval of glommer's flower at full moon if you don't have time to go for it due to moon event/werepig farming.
  • Collecting crops/weeds as soon as they grow (by making farm soil on top of lureplant turf) and preferrably putting them within salt box.

Please let me know what you think of the idea. Lack of automated farms to bypass routine picking actions always bothered me and lureplant always seemed a possible solution that's tricky to properly utilize.



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