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3 suggestions for the game: sickles, bridges, and labels

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These are just some thoughts I've had that might improve the game, so I'd like to hear your feedback. Firstly, sickles. You would equip them like any other tool, and they would allow you to harvest grass and twigs without going through the harvesting animation. Instead it would be as if you are picking up cut grass and/or twigs off the ground, or like picking a carrot. They could be made from twigs and flint, with a gold version also available.

Secondly, bridges. We already have boats, which can be used to make "bridges", so why not add actual bridges that look a bit nicer? They could just be a turf which you can place over water and then walk across. It would be easy enough to think of things to make them more interesting if need be, maybe wooden bridges are cheap but can get washed away in a spring rainstorm, while stone bridges are more expensive but also more durable?

Finally, labels, specifically for bundling wrap but maybe also for other things? It would just save some time and cut grass, so you don't have to open all your bundled supplies to find the one you were looking for. Maybe they could cost 1 papyrus, and when applied to a bundling wrap your character has to option to read it, e.g. "monster meat + veggies"

I posted this yesterday in the "General Discussion" forum, and someone said I should post it here. People have brought up some good ideas in that thread, so here is a link to it: 


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