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The Change anything about Preformance?

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Hey there, at first sorry for my Englisch :)

I have a question. Did they change anything about the performance of the game?

Because in the past (2-4 month) I had FPS issues. Ingame 15-20 Fps during Playing the game.
Currently i have again 60 Fps, since the last Update :)
When the game was released, I never had any problems with the FPS and have played with 60 Fps stable. 


Greetings :)

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Last biggest patch on main game (not DLC) as 442154, the notes are here (yes, improvements were indeed made!):

And I can't find notes for 444111, so I guess they've been doing micro-extra good stuff besides the heavylifting that the dlc has to be. This is what I have on linux:



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