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Better Terra and Swampy biome layouts

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Since Terra has had a bit of a bad reception coming in, from myself as well, I figured I would create a method by which both the Sandstone/Terra and Swampy/Bog biomes could follow to not only make them reflect more of a reasonable difficulty (Terra being the easiest, Swampy being slightly more difficult) but also what resources each could contain both to start with, guaranteed geysers with renewable resources and some possible geysers to be discovered as well. These could honestly be inter-changeable as the first/second asteroid for both starts as each gives useful resources and reason to travel through the teleporter to get to the other. After much thought, this is the layout I came up with. The idea here is that by default you could get a maximum of half of all the "possible" geysers, while guaranteed geysers would spawn at respective biomes no matter the world trait.

I redesigned the Sandstone/Terra biome quite drastically, but to make it the easiest asteroid start in the game while keeping some of its layout appropriate, that is what it roughly would need to look like and contain. Every biome would contain some critters you would expect to find there, even with variations. It is disappointing to find caustic biomes with no dreckos because of a shallow attempt at making you get through rockets without atmo suits. These layouts address that in a way that you are pretty much required to use oxygen masks to get through the Swamp or the Caustic biomes to get the reed fibre for atmo suits. The Bog asteroid becomes a power house as it would provide plenty of methods for you to generate power through something like Ethanol, Natural Gas, Hydrogen and more, while Terra is much easier with much more basic resources and easier early sustainability. Either way you look at this, you are best off venturing out to get to Gold, Aluminum, Tungsten and Niobium as well as more guaranteed Iron volcanoes eventually, and there's Isoresin and Fullerene that has yet to be explored, as well as whatever Radium and radiation will bring or require.


Sandstone/Terra start


Guaranteed geysers:


Cool Water Geyser at 10C (Forest biome)

Cool Salt Slush Geyser at -10C (Tide Pool biome)

Carbon Dioxide Geyser at -50C (Frozen biome)

Polluted Water Vent at 30C (Swamp biome)

Copper Volcano (Entombed biome)

Possible geysers:


Oxygen Vent at 0C (Forest biome)

Chlorine Vent at 60C (Tide Pool biome)

Cool Slush Geyser at -10C (Frozen biome)

Infectious Polluted Oxygen Vent at 60C (Swamp biome)

Iron Volcano (Entombed biome)



Swampy/Bog start


Guaranteed geysers 


Polluted Muddy Slush Geyser at -10C (Frozen biome)

Ethanol Geyser at -10C or lower (Rust biome)

Liquid Chlorine Geyser at -50C (Caustic biome)

Liquid Sulfur Geyser at 150C (Sulfur biome)

Lead Volcano at 500C (Oil biome)

Oil Reservoir (Oil biome)

Minor Volcano (Magma biome)

Possible geysers


Muddy Slush Geyser at -10C (Frozen biome)

Natural Gas Geyset at 150C (Rust biome)

Hydrogen Vent at 500C (Caustic biome)

Cool Steam Vent at 110C (Sulfur biome)

Leaky Oil Fissure at 100C (Oil biome)

Oil Reservoir (Oil biome)

Minor Volcano (Magma biome)


Some trivia


* The "geodormant" trait would only add the guaranteed geysers for every planetoid

* The "geoactive" trait would add all possible geysers for every planetoid

* The third, fourth or fifth asteroid could contain some even cooler geysers like a Liquid Hydrogen Geyser at -255C and a Liquid Oxygen Geyser at -200C. This would make it easier and more desirable to go to these asteroids as they would provide plenty in sustainable rocket fuel for hydrogen engine rockets.


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