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DST Quests/ToDos Server-side Mod [help]

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I want to create a server mod that will allow players to make ToDos (or Quests). These ToDos would be stored in a catalogue-like menu, openable from every player's GUI. There they would be able to make a new entry, with them writing a custom message. When they are done, this message would be stored in that catalogue for everyone on the server to see. Also, any player should be able to modify the text, and/or delete the entry. I would also like these messages to persist when players exit the server.

Is this even possible, and how would I go about making this?

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Possible: Yes
Easy: No

Since it seems that you are new to modding, and probably lua, I would suggest you first take a look at the Lua documentation https://www.lua.org/manual/5.1/

Once you get comfortable with that, there's a tutorial on making UIs (User Interfaces). I would say that is probably the easiest part to start off with. 

Once you finish that, you could work on submitting that data to the server through RPCs, which you can view Zarklord's RPC tutorial for.

Linking those two together will probably test whether your level of intuition is the same as Rick's level, as well as testing your previous coding knowledge. This will be the most difficult part for you. I suggest you work on that second to last, with the last being saving.

The tutorials are under the Tutorials and Guides section, and some can be found in the pinned posts that contain other tutorials.

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