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Kitchen Assistance

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This could easily be posted in the main game forum but I ran into this issue with the DLC due to smaller maps/biomes and having to come up with a more compact layout than I've been using for ages. Using a 96x4 floor layout I came up with this kitchen design, but it doesn't quite do what I want (not including having zero natural gas). My only issue that I couldn't solve was being able to reach the infinite storage with the sweeper. If I make the storage accessible then it creates a never ending loop, and I'm not clever enough to see if there's a way to automate access (using a door and moving the sweeper to position along with the loader could work but I'm not sure what the automation would look my - my trials failed).

Possibly by using 2 loaders and 2 storage areas with one accessible by the sweeper and the other not,  would work, but space is limited and this fits my obsession with symmetry and boxes in design style for a 12 dupe base :)

For now the fridge holds cooking ingredients and food for recipes with the loader taking cooked items. The sweeper reaches all relevant equipment although I could probably snag the egg shell too. If anyone has any ideas to solve those issues without drastically changing space or power that'd be great. The fridge can go if the sweeper can reach (but doesn't loop forever) the storage area.

(ladders needed for dupe access to storage area)






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Instead of your design for infinite storage, which I usually find a bit annoying (with dupes having to go on the ladder), I tend to use this one (or similar)
It is a bit trickier to setup, you will have to mop a little bit, but then it is more convenient.
I hope it will help you in your quest for the perfect kitchen. I guess you could put it on one side, and have all your building accessible by the sweeper.
Forgive me for feeding my dupes lice loaf... It is the new Terra start, it has been rough to me.

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That might actually make it work if I replace the left tiles with an automated door; dupes snag from the right, sweeper from the left. Maybe make this an extra tile wide for another conveyer chute - one for cooked food one for uncooked/ingredients. The sweeper grabs ingredients through an automated door which is activated by a dupe sensor that I use for the ceiling light. If the conveyer loader doesn't accept uncooked food, and I establish my farms/ranches with their networks, that should work perfect. 

And my warp planet dupes could be fed better as I started on the swamp and have BBQ, frost buns, etc., but they eat meal lice :)

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