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Planetoid Tooltip Layout Suggestion

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This is very minor issue, but I find the tooltip for Planetoids a bit confusing at first glance. I often use the tooltips to see the reported diagnostic issues. However, the big red text for the shortcut makes me think for a brief moment a critical issue has popped up. I propose moving the shortcut to the top right and using a more neutral font color.


The current tooltip in the game



Suggested update for tooltip layout

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I haven't searched the suggestions, but this topic is close. I find the "bouncing" of the planetoid when an alert is generated to also be very annoying. I'm trying to look at and click on a planetoid whose name and indication are bouncing back and forth.

I think the shrinking/expanding of the status dot is sufficient to draw your attention rather than the entire line moving back and forth. Okay, I vented, thanks for a great game Klei, can't wait to see the final product, lots of love if you read this :)

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