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An idea for a little combat overhaul

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I would love to see a little update for combat.

1. Spears. They should have a poking animation. This poke would pierce through 3 enemies in a straight line. Attack speed and DMG would not change. Also it would be cool if you could throw them. It would affect:

  • Spear
  • Battle Spear
  • Strident Trident

2.Swords. They should slash through 3 enemies in front of the player in a 140 degree angle. Attack speed and DMG would not change. It would affect:

  • Night Sword
  • Glass Cutter
  • Bat Bat (it kinda looks like a sword to me)

3. Blunt weapons. They should smash all enemies in a small area in front of player.  Attack speed would be a little reduced,  maybe like 15%. DMG would be increased by 5%. Also they will have a little chance to stun the enemy .It would affect:

  • Mourning Star
  • Ham Bat
  • Thulecite Club
  • Tentacle Spike

Also the Thulecite Club should be a little better (for how expensive to make it is)

  • It should have the blocking ability like in forge. Block would take some durability and take 4 second to recharge.

This doesn't seem like much but it would be cool to see some different animations for different types of weapons.
That's all I've got to say. Have a good day(or night)!  

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