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My feedback on the new DLC and suggestions for the development of rocket technology

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Many have spoken out, so I decided to say a few words about the new DLC.
I'm not one of those people who immediately draw conclusions, so after playing about 120 hours in the new DLC, I can draw the first conclusions.
The first thing I want to tell the developers is the new mud biome and, of course, the construction of rockets. This is done remarkably visually and mechanically.
I am ready to give them and, possibly, to offer something from myself.
1. The balance and mechanics of the initial dirt biome are great. The balance of the rest of the locations, as for me, is not final. What I can tell right away is the absence of apatite in all places except the original one. Dragon farms solve this problem in part, but it's closer to the middle of the game. Also original buildings (toilet with washbasin) in the oil biome. When removed, they are permanent problems with water vapor and are very irritating.
2. This is a new oxygen mask station - as for me, it is completely unnecessary and useless. Breathing is sufficient when building on the surface. And after traveling to another asteroid with a slimy biome, a reed seed appears, unlimited access to reed fiber. And then to the astro suits. Which makes the oxygen mask mechanics completely useless.
3. Building rockets. And here I would like to dwell in more detail, since there are many nuances here.
So, as I said earlier, the design of the rocket is excellent, the mechanics itself is just a miracle, who invented it just fine. But the building mechanics inside the rocket are terrible. Here are a few reasons why it should be redone. The first one is the bugs already mentioned on the forum with disassembling the wall cabin and getting steel just like that. Second, by building a warehouse inside the cockpit, you will make it useless to transport goods using the cargo bay, eliminating this mechanic from use. It also works with liquids and gases. The third building inside the cockpit of ordinary modules to provide the duplicate with food, toilet, energy, oxygen pushes the first spacewalk towards another asteroid very strongly, which stretches the game and not fun. I am not suggesting how many people will remove this mechanic, but only improve it. So I will consider everything with pictures so that it is clear, maybe you will listen to my opinion at least in something.
Therefore, the first thing I suggest is to immediately make a booth with standard immutable modules for the duplicate. Oxygen supply system, toilet, battery, refrigerator. It might look like this
1. This is how the rocket looks standard. (Image 1)
2. This is how the cabin looks from the inside with standard modules (Image 2)
3. Here are the modules with the description (Image 3)
4. Everyone will be refueled from the launch module by connecting to electricity and using the power supplies and power supply of the rocket launch pad (Image 4)
5. And now let's move on to the most painful thing that many do not like even from the original version of the game - this is the stage. I propose a very simple and practical way to integrate a rocket ladder into a launch pad as shown in the picture. If the rocket is on the launch pad, then when pressed, the scaffolds rise; preparation for launch; when a person is inside the command module, they descend and launch the rocket. (Figures 5 and 5.1)
Now a few words about the development of rocket technology and modules. I really like the launch rocket and the fuel for it ... Carbon dioxide is easy to obtain, easy to store and easy to refuel. But the sugar engine doesn't suit me at all. Maybe I'm not alone and the community will support me. It is not simply obtained from sulfur-eating beetles. And this is an exhaustive resource, if you do not use complex oil boiling chains. I understand that this missile is average in its class and requires a lot of effort. I suggest changing it to liquid - based on ethanol. First, you'll complete two tasks and force the players to use a complex chain to use resources with other asteroids, a tree that very few people currently use. In addition, filling with rocket fluid is much more familiar to older players.
Now about the modules. The Pioneer module and the module with the reconnaissance drone and the module for dropping cargo from orbit are very good ideas and also work great. The only thing I would change is the reset module. Would make 800 kg just to lose weight to assemble a rocket launch pad in one flight. And, of course, I improved the cargo unpacking module. So that the load, in the presence of this module, lands on this module and immediately unpacks it onto a conveyor belt. Because now he is not a worker.
The cargo modules need to be modified. First, the cargo compartment should be divided into several sections and its volume should be increased. For example, 3 sections out of ten so that you can load different







Now about the development of rocket technology in the later stages of the game.
1. This is a rework of a living module for transporting several duplicates of the type that I showed on the command module above.
2. Introduction of an additional heavy rocket, which will fly not on 6 cells, but, for example, on 12 and with an upper stage (accelerator) for 20 cells and a little later to put distant satellites into orbit. I wanted them to be earlier, either on kerosene or liquid hydrogen. I think old players will appreciate it. Make a booster block, also on acidolite or liquid oxygen.
3. And now about the study of distant asteroids, which, as I understand it, are not yet available. Very interesting mechanics can be made. First, so that floppy disks with coordinates for reconnaissance fall out of the crashed satellite

Points on the space map where you need to bring the reconnaissance satellite. To study them, a long-distance space communication station should be built, approximately as (as in image 6).
Next, we launch the satellite into orbit with a medium rocket. And after a certain time, he will find a new planetoid.
We can then explore space resources that can explore space resources and oxygen, and launch heavy-class satellites that can explore space resources. space and find asteroids not only suitable for settlement, but also such as in the old version for remote resource extraction. Firstly, this will allow you to enjoy the new reward in the form of obtaining new resources. Secondly, it will balance the lack of renewable resources by the already depleted reserves of inhabited planetoids.

One more thing I forgot to say, I hope you revisit the creation of biomes with a lot of volcanoes and add some good old geysers - steam, polluted oxygen, carbon dioxide and others. This will balance the planetoids and make the bases self-sufficient without partial and tedious pumping of resources through the portals, especially since they are not available on all planetoids.

And of course I ask you not to take this post as a complaint. You are great and you will succeed, I believe in you. I think the community will support me. There are plans, small sketches and thoughts about atomic energy, which everyone is waiting for.

I ask you not to judge strictly for the clumsy translation, since I myself am Russian and translate Gul by a translator.


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