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Client RPC confusion

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After following this guide on RPC's, I successfully managed to get traditional RPC's implemented in my mod, however I'm having trouble with Client RPC's. I need to have code that is only executed on the client. This is what I'm using to get it working so far, and I bet I did something wrong.

local function ClientPrintfn()
	print("CLIENT test")

AddClientModRPCHandler("hkr_RPC", "ClientPrint", ClientPrintfn)

local function SendTestRPC()
	local userids = {}
	for i, player in ipairs(AllPlayers) do
		table.insert(userids, player.userid)
	SendModRPCToClient(GetClientModRPC("hkr_RPC", "ClientPrint"), userids, nil)

GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(108, SendTestRPC)

This is contained in my modmain, and that keydown handler is just a way to debug it, it would normally get called from an event listener. My problem is that my code seems to be doing absolutely nothing, and i think it's occuring within SendTestRPC(), specifcally when trying to get all the players. Is that line outdated?

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22 hours ago, zarklord_klei said:

Client RPCs go from the server to the client, the server doesn't know what keys your pressing, so it can't fire the key down event.

Really? I figured it worked so that the Client sent the keypress to the server, and that keypress fires it, thanks for clearing this up for me!

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