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Independent robots, portable batteries and scafolding

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Please rework sweepy and rover so they are not dependent on their building to exist or function properly, it just makes more sense and would make these robots more fun to use. With portable batteries you could then build charging stations with sweepy or rover individually and they would just try to find nearest charging station when low on power. And please make the rover rechargeable and buildable anywhere. It would also allow you to make power in one base and ship small portable batteries to other colonies.

Scaffolding is a mod, but it would be great to have different types of scaffolding which require different materials to build. It is very annoying to have duplicants slowed down when moving horizontally because they grab poles and ladders in the middle of it, so building scaffolding over them to keep the speed steady regardless of direction would be nice. This would probably make an excellent QOL feature for the base game. Duplicants not being able to stand on top of ladders would be good to go along with this feature to encourage building scaffolding in place of horizontal ladder segments while excavating entire biomes.

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