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Resource list (base game styled)

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Can we get back resource list (on right side) with categories, like in base game? Its super annoying, having to list every single thing i want to have on list, and they are not even sorted by categories... or atleast make it in game options, to let people chose, if they want this "pick-one" list, or oldschool one that lists everything.

Its small thing, but was pretty clear when looking for stuff, and i could see almost all the resources i had in my base. Now its super unclear and takes 10+ seconds, to find how much this or that i have, and completly random new-mined stuff constantly appears messing up whole list.

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I'll second this. 

Reverting the resource list to how it is in the original would be good, while keeping the ability to tailor your list by unchecking items you no longer want to track to provide the customisation that the new system provides. 

I hit day 8, realised things weren't building and I couldn't see why and had to dig through the resource list to find anything and then got to spend a whole bunch of time adding things to the list so I could actually keep playing the game. 

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14 hours ago, Darryl000999 said:

Like the new system myself, only need to list things that are really important for colony at a quick look see :)

90% of my playtime, im checking almost whole list of resources, and list in base game, was able to show me about 100-120 of them... new one, barely shows 30, up to 40 max... lack of categories (default sorting by alphabetical order just sucks)... if im about to build steam turbine, id like to see all the refined metals i have, without checking list 4 times if theres nothing left, because they are not sorted by type, but by its name...



17 hours ago, EleriusX said:

Hard disagree. I've played this game quite a lot, and I think this new system is superior in every way. It will just take some time to get used to.

i have around 400h already on my steam acc, and probably same amount outside steam timer... playing on 2560x1440, windowed, on 27" screen... and i have no idea how im supposed to track whats happening in my base rss-wise, when im not able to list more than 30~ of them. Building petroleum boiler, have to open list, track all refined metals, find petroleum, 2mins later, i have to check if i have enough water for cooling stuff, again, opening list, hiding refined metals, showing liquids. Oh wait, if i use water for this stuff, will i have enough to make food or water some plants? Opening list once again, checking for seeds, food ingridients, edible... In base came, i would just mouse over, scroll once, and i have everything i need. And no, i cant have all seeds listed, liquids and refined metals, because id need to turn my screen by 90 degrees to have enough space for it.

font is way too big (like honestly, its twice as big as event log(!)...), also those diagram-stats... if i could, i would disable them, because they show nothing, just taking space. Would make sense if atleast they could resize font, to half... and make diagrams bigger atleast 2-3 times, then i could find something useful on this list, but for now, i just see big ass text, that covers too much space on my screen, with white rectangles, and 3/4 of them just have vertical line, taking even more screen space :V. Old one is kinda neutral for eyes, if you look at it, you can read it, but if you dont, it wont disturb much - with the new one, i feel like having brick on my face for no reason

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