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Cryosleep, Base Hibernation, and Hot Pockets.

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I hate watching my dups die because I'm not smart enough to survive over 800 cycles, If only I could put a dozen or two in cryosleep chambers. Then I'd put the base into hibernation with a skeleton crew fixing critical issues while I gamble for some more help from the geyser gods.

Meanwhile, Mi-Ma can throw some hot-pockets in the super-duper microwave of hell and heat them up to infinity before blasting them off into Not-My-Space to get rid of heat. -Because we all know Hot-Pockets hold an infinite amount of heat and thus serve as the perfect indestructible tank in which we can store heat.

And obviously in order to get a cryochamber cold enough for stasis, that hellish heat has to go somewhere.

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Your own fault for printing two dozen dupes and being unable to support that many.

Also, cooling things down to close to absolute zero doesn't give much heat; you do that for liquid hydrogen anyways.

Technically these already exist; command capsules make the dupe inside not require anything.

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