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Two new traits related to space exploration and planetoid colonization.

Homebody negative trait:
Five cycles after arriving on a new planetoid this duplicant will be inflicted by the homesick debuff for 8 cycles. The homesick debuff will cause the duplicant to gain +15% stress per cycle and will make them work 15% slower. They also will occasionally cry while inflicted with the debuff, but not nearly as frequently as with the ugly crier stress reaction. After the homesick debuff wears off, the planetoid the duplicant is on will become their new "home" and leaving this asteroid for more than 5 cycles will trigger the homesick debuff all over again.

Peripatetic positive trait:
Upon arriving on a new planetoid this duplicant will gain a "curiosity" buff which grants them +4 to all attributes for 5 cycles. After this buff wears off, the duplicant will go on like any normal duplicant for 3 more cycles, but staying on the current planetoid for any longer will cause them to get an "uninspired" debuff. The uninspired debuff would cause the duplicant to have -2 to all attributes and gain +8% stress per cycle. This debuff will immediately expire the instant the duplicant arrives on a different planetoid. This duplicant will also have -15% stress per cycle while on a rocket which is in space.

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