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Uncannon Lore for Wes

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I made some uncannon lore for Wes, please do have in mind I'm not 100% good at spelling or story telling with heavy lore, and it doesn't really match well with the cannon lore. I tried my best to make it as good as I can get it, so here we go:  

April 16, X̵̲̤̦̖̗̮͔̤̒̋͘ͅX̶̞͖̖̝̥̮͗͆̓́̈́̐͌̚̚X̵̪͖̤͍̪̜̍͊̄̏̀͗͘̚͠Ẍ̸̨̫̕͜, William Carter and Charlie Carter where in the Hospital the day Wesly Carter was born. The days pass by after Wes grew up watching the events go by of his father in his scribble room and tearing off a page from an odd book when he was four years old, until the unfortunate date.


April 17, 1906, The Final Act;  After the Codex

Took Charlie and Maxwell, Wesly was sent to an orphanage where he met Willow who was in girl scouts focusing on getting all her badges before everyone else. And a few days later Willow set the orphanage ablaze killing the owners and everyone but Wes leaving him to be sent to a hospital.


Ṷ̷̐͜n̴̞̞̏͋ķ̵̜͍̰̉̽́ͅn̷̛͔̽͒̋ő̴̗͖̂̀̕w̷̩̾n̶͚͕̣̮̑ d̷̨͓͚͈̞͗a̸̛̻͋͂̀͘y̶͔̐̍,1908 After the Hospital; Wes’ body was mostly left scarred to unknown causes as whenever the doctors asked him he was unable to talk, being pointed out as temporarily mute he was sent to a foster family to learn English and French in Paris and be forced to miming as he was considered a burden to attempt to repair his burnt vocal cords. Twelve years passed and Wes dropped out of school and ran away from his foster family at the age of 20 after hearing the horrible things in the world.


Ṷ̷̐͜n̴̞̞̏͋ķ̵̜͍̰̉̽́ͅn̷̛͔̽͒̋ő̴̗͖̂̀̕w̷̩̾n̶͚͕̣̮̑ d̷̨͓͚͈̞͗a̸̛̻͋͂̀͘y̶͔̐̍,1920  The Circus;  Wes in a desperate attempt to get a better job came to a circus where he met Wolfgang a retired soldier and Wigfrid a actor in training, after falling in love with the two after they stood up to the stage master for yelling at Wes that he was useless they were considered fiends for having forbidden love, as it was seen as a crime to love two people at once. Kicked out they had to go to Wigfrid’s home where they had shelter as Wigfrid did acting to gain money for the three of them to stay alive.


Ṷ̷̐͜n̴̞̞̏͋ķ̵̜͍̰̉̽́ͅn̷̛͔̽͒̋ő̴̗͖̂̀̕w̷̩̾n̶͚͕̣̮̑ d̷̨͓͚͈̞͗a̸̛̻͋͂̀͘y̶͔̐̍,1922  The vanished lovers;  The years before Wes’ vanishing act, poor Wes was all alone stranded without his lovers who mysteriously vanished with no trace. In a desperate attempt he fiddled with a Voxola PR-76 radio, he was sent to the Constant where he found his lovers until he was caught kissing them by Maxwell (who he didn’t recognize as his dad), and sent away into a trap and as Maxwell turned away he knew he would despise him for his love, but deep inside he knew he felt a familiar connection with Maxwell and the Codex page he’s kept for ages.


Ṷ̷̐͜n̴̞̞̏͋ķ̵̜͍̰̉̽́ͅn̷̛͔̽͒̋ő̴̗͖̂̀̕w̷̩̾n̶͚͕̣̮̑ d̷̨͓͚͈̞͗a̸̛̻͋͂̀͘y̶͔̐̍, ǘ̴͚ṇ̸̼̄́k̸̬̂n̵̺̈́́ǫ̴̰̉w̷̥̮̏n̷̟̣̓ ̶̭̂ÿ̶̨̻́é̶̝ͅa̶̰͒͌r̶̛̫͘   The Observers; After Wilson was kicked off the throne by the Grue, she soon got lonely watching from a distance of her dear son and the anger of disliking Maxwell. She collected their DNA and took the page from Wes to copy it into vessel copies of the cast, making the Triumphant Survivors/Observers to watch in the distance and protect the Queen. Each day the Grue gets restless the Observers seem to never want to stop bothering Observers till they will grow power hungry for the throne, the abuse of Nightmare fuel for them made them crave inhumane desires or be foolish enough to want to help the Survivors. Wes seeing these creatures knew it would be hard to use his voice after all he’s been through, and writing observations about Observers would be hard, he tried as best as he could to prepare the others for being aware of power hungry beasts unaware of the events to come….

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