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Warp Planetoid Drecko spawn inconsistency and other Reed Fiber concerns

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A lone Drecko can sometimes spawn on the warp planetoid, along with a Squeaky Puft. It does not show up on all seeds. Some players believe that Klei intends players to reach the third planetoid before having guaranteed access to Reed Fiber. This could possibly aid in the testing of new and early-game technology and push atmosuits further in the late-game to force alternate exploration strategies. However, the recent correction to hatch spawns on the warp planetoid opens the possibility that drecko spawns could also be bugged. 


In addition, the jungle biome on the starter asteroid is devoid of critters and the new swamp biome has no reed fiber plants. Without reed fiber, a makeshift exploration setup with an oxygen mask and cool vest/warm sweater is not possible (after typing this I realized that this would require equipping two items). If we can't use either the sweater or vest on the first and second planetoids, they would be largely ignored like they are now in the base game.

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