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Only Official PS4 servers work for me

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It seems like ever since PS4 got the official servers back up every other sever on "browse games" shows up with a ??? Ping.

If ??? Shows up in browsing games it doesn't let me host a cooperative game either, it will be stuck on "launching server" 

I've tried launching a dst alone world & that worked perfectly fine so it seems to be an issue with multiplayer 

I've been having this issue for a month. Sometimes it works but only when everyone's ping shows, & oddly after 5pm est


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The ??? means that the game isn't getting a response when it tries to ping those servers, so it makes sense you're not able to connect to them either. It's usually either a PSN or a network/internet issue, but the fact that you're able to ping and connect to the official servers but have issues with other PS4s makes it seem specifically PSN related. 

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