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Writing a list of bugs for Mac user:

- There is a graphic glitch that doesn't go away even if restarting game. The frozen ice Biome of the starting zone has a dark tone to its gases.. which when zoomed in entirely goes away.. will put jpeg

- Deconstructing rockets can sometimes be done unevenly and leave the cockpit intact or unreachable.. when I was able to reach it and deconstruct it the game crashed. Deconstructing rockets is very buggy as of right now.

- Please add a sweep by type function just like deconstruct and cancel by type.. instead of relying on mods.

- Please add a snip tool for wires or pipes in order to maintain vacuums for example.. instead of relying on mods.

- Please fix how geysers spawn in maps. Some geysers spawn so close to neutronium.. it might as well not even spawn.

- Please include an overlay for more resources such as Ice.. or miscellaneous like Diamond and Sulfur which currently has no overlay at all.


- Nameplates in the skills menu are floating over.. I play on a smaller resolution (1366 x 768) not sure if that messes up the UI.20201204185931_1.thumb.jpg.b98fa6a6676e901dc65c74ac93ebdfd8.jpg

Thank you,

I had to post here since posting a new bug required a log file for windows users.. I don't know how to find that as a mac user.

Sorry for any inconvenience. 







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