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Rocket Gas/Liquid/Solid Storage module increase

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*Sorry if this is already posted - the forums and bug tracker are not the easiest to search through.

So, I added a storage module to my rocket and was able to carry 150Kg's of Metal ore in 1 trip... it became far easier to add a Storage Bin to the capsule and not even bother with the Rocket storage module as the storage bin holds 20,000Kg's.

To put that into context, if you needed to transport ceramic, 1 ceramic tile is 400Kg's and would take 3 tripsĀ - so why bother with the rocket storage module - just add a storage bin to your capsule.

I even tried transporting gasses via the rocket gas storage module... it takes about 5 round trips to fill up an atmosuit dock on a remote asteroid.

Suggestion - make rocket storage Bettererer and Biggererer!!

(even by x10 would be worth it)


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