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Infinite Gas Storage and Liquid Storrage - Solved Thank You All

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Hello Fellow Dupes

The infinite liquid storrage works just fine.

I have a problem with Infinite Gas storrage.

No matter what setup im trying the gas Vent is over pressurized.
I did the normal one with filling liquid in the bottom right tile and the only couple hundred grams of liquid on top of gas vent. normally this works like a charm.

I know that the image shows the Vent bottom right corner. But as said i allready tried the normal build with vent 1 tile higher.
Please help im drowning in Hydrogen :-)

Whta is different in the Alpha build. ?



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As far as I'm aware, that should work perfectly. Here's my gas storage and compression system using the same mechanic (in the alpha too). As you can see, I have ~525g of crude oil over top the vent. Currently, there's ~80kg per tile of CO2 in that room. I think (and correct me if I'm wrong), you need less than 2kg of liquid covering a standard vent for it to work. Hope this helps in some way :-P



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