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Inspect Self Name flashing and not reflecting the character (SOLVED)

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Hello friends! My name is Ledia, and this is my very first time modding anything outside of big group projects.

I have a pair of custom characters that I'm creating with a few friends. I've been managing to sort out all of my problems thus far, getting the gold name to display was a chore! As was replacing sound assets.

It's all been going well, but I've run into a little trouble. 

I don't know where to go to replace this flashing 'names_gold_character' in the 'Inspect Self' screen.

I'm being terribly lazy, because in all of my searching, I could have sworn this was a known problem with the widely used template mod. If someone could just direct me, that would be swell.

Thanks in advance!

inspect self bug.png

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In playeravatarpopup.lua, that string is set directly from:


So I'm assuming yours would look like:


Have you set this global string?

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