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  1. Ah, found them in the modmain Changed the line and.... Voila! Thank you so much friend, greatly appreciate the help!
  2. Hello friends! My name is Ledia, and this is my very first time modding anything outside of big group projects. I have a pair of custom characters that I'm creating with a few friends. I've been managing to sort out all of my problems thus far, getting the gold name to display was a chore! As was replacing sound assets. It's all been going well, but I've run into a little trouble. I don't know where to go to replace this flashing 'names_gold_character' in the 'Inspect Self' screen. I'm being terribly lazy, because in all of my searching, I could have sworn this was a known problem with the widely used template mod. If someone could just direct me, that would be swell. Thanks in advance!