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Rework Webber

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Here's an idea for a Webber rework.
One of the ideas is to reduce the number of spiders, but to strengthen them.
Give poison to spiders.
Webber can take poison from spiders, but if he does not, the spiders are amplified in damage and poison.
The poison can also be used in seasonings. Applied to weapons and used in medicine.
I will be glad to hear about shortcomings and new ideas.
I'm from Russia, thanks to google translator.
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I hope google translates it right to you, but I think poison should be implemented first for this to happen or Webber gains a new tier nest with poison spiders in the rework.Hard to think how it would work but I like the Idea. I just don't feel that poison mixes well with Don't Starve Together as it works with the Solo DS and it's DLC's.

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