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3rd tier of toilets and wash stations.

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I was thinking a lot about how to improve the toilets further as you hit the max tier pretty early and after you got the plumbing done there is no further improvement that can be done to them. My main problem with those ideas was that there isn`t really any reason to upgrade toilets further. Or there wasn`t before the dlc.

Now we got rockets that ahve limited inside space and a proper toilet setup takes quite a lot of room. This is where we could use a higher tier that just takes less room but requires higher tech. Imagine a nuclear toilet vaporizing waste into polluted oxygen which would be the only output but it would require power and some rediocative stuff to construct. Or one that outputs solid fertilizer via a conveyor rail.

Instead of a sink maybe the hand sanitizer could be repurposed into a higher tier building as this thing just needs a little bleach stone and works for a long time - perfect for space travel. Just needs to be 1 tile wide.

Do you think a higher tier of neccessities for space traver is a good idea or would it just make the rocket layouts too easy?

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