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Beta - Feedback / Suggestions

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So far these are some of my suggestions for the current beta.


1) The ability to view the plant registry without wearing a the research helmet. If someone has already done the research they shouldn't have to keep wearing the hat to look at it.

2) Add a Auto watering system, like the flingomatic? (assuming the flingomatic won't already do this) it wouldn't freeze things, but just water/soak things that are hit.

3) With the current nerf to wickerbtoom's book, we should be able to better aim the spellbook, I don't mind the limited plants, however the cost of the book is too high now.

4) Wormwood can't use fertilizers on crops? might be a bug, But I couldn't get them to work without him consuming them for himself.

5) the ability to sort plants by season in the registry.

6) Can we have the added ability to plant berry bushes and ect on the soil for added benifits as well?




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Beta update is really amazing! And this list is pretty sufficient. But one thing racks me more than other
Id really like if colored nutrients do not overlap each other on the farming ground
Sometimes it hard to understand with first glance of an eye and making them be displayed separately would be best choose i guess

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