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Feedback + Biome Suggestions

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I really love the new rocket system. The rocket platform is so amazing, the construction process, the configuration, excellent UX and looks so, so cool. One thing that's not super clear though is what "burden" is and which fuels need oxidiser. I like that it displays the speed and range, but it's not totally clear what affects it and how. Knowing the formula would really help with planning expeditions better.

The sugar engine currently seems very underpowered or broken, but that's probably a bug. Side note, I love the idea of running a rocket on candy! I hope there's other "unorthodox" fuels too, like say coal or an ion thruster? I'm sure you're thinking about it!

I love the plug slugs, but the recent nerf has made them entirely useless. I'd like not to feel forced to beeline for solar power. But please don't make solar power equally useless. I think it's better to have equally good choices rather than equally terrible choices.

I share the general opinion on the oxygen mask station.

== And now some suggestions for new biomes ==

In the base version, I liked the huge diversity of space destinations. For example I would often send petroleum rockets to hydrogen planetoids to get some H2 and methane. Now that space destinations are actually visitable, I would really love to see them converted into late game biomes.

Perhaps an extremely cold biome with hydrogen lakes. A biome that's mostly superheated gas, or pressurised under liquids and in danger of venting into space. A version of the oily biome with isoresin and frozen methane in it and so on. Those would naturally be hostile to organic life, so they don't need to have new plants or critters. I just would really enjoy that diversity that the starmap in the base game hints at. I would also really like to see electrum and pyrite make a comeback.

The wasteland biome looks like a good potential candidate for a starting biome as well. With no muckroot and little water, it'll be challenging for sure, but we like challenge!

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