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[Suggestions] Structures, Tools, Decorations...

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1- The Produce Scale by far is a very beautiful structure. It would also be nice to have a more discreet structure to store the giant vegetables and fruits. Or even store the 'normal' versions with the same function as a bundle wrap. 

2- Advanced Farm. An improved version of a terrain preparation more focused on 'late game'. The soil is more prepared giving more advantages regarding the simple terrain.


3 - Sprinkler. A way to water your plants during hot seasons and also water them automatically. In this update it makes no sense for ice flingomatic to do this function.

Sprinkler | Don't Starve Wiki | Fandom

4- A structure that makes the function of airing automatically. (Grid 3 x 3, 2 x 2)

5) Bugzapper (A way to eliminate 



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