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Misc. UX / UI Feedback

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Here's a list of minor gripes and/or inconsistencies I have encountered in the DLC that I think could be improved. Not all of them are strictly related to new Spaced Out content, but all were encountered when playing around the new content.

Planetoids / Clusters

  • Planetoids aren't name-able (or re-nameable), though both Dupes and Colonies are
  • Sending a duplicant through a teleportal automatically swaps planetoids, even if you no longer have that duplicant selected (Quite jarring the first time)
  • Building a Port-a-Pod resets the print cycle counter to zero.
  • Entombing the Printing Pod or a Port-a-Pod resets the print cycle counter to zero.

Farming / Plants

  • Plant Seed selector is very awkward with the tiny horizontal scrollbar. There are Fourteen separate plants now - perhaps it's time to improve this a bit?
  • "Next Harvest in X cycles" tooltip on plants is hard to conceptualize -- especially since the lifecycle count changes when going from Spindly -> Regular Grubplants. Suggest switch over to how Eggs are displayed (e.g. 55% grown (+3% / Cycle) ), or display both.
  • Micronutrients stack up to 5x in the middle of farms. Can these be stored in the Farming Station, rather than being dropped on the floor?


  • I expected Grubgrubs to be able to walk on walls / ceilings.
  • Sweetles / Grubgrubs require an adjacent tile of the same elevation to tend plants (non-obvious; spent a bunch of time wondering why some wild plants weren't being tended)
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