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Some feedback on the update.

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I like it a lot.

Farming is much more accessible for basic level farming so it's much more viable to consider doing early game. It provides more tasks for new players to experiment with if they happen to be playing with more experienced friends. (Still an issue but farms help) Late game it has good rewards for learning how to use it. It's also not impossible to learn through normal gameplay.

What I'm not particularly into.

UI for fertilizers, compost and formula is kind of confusing even for someone who's experimented with it for a while. Specifically what is consumed and produced by plants. My suggestion would be to have a simple illustration of the plant above the arrows and a illustration of the earth underneath the arrows to clarify where the nutrients are going. This seems to have been resolved since the last time I played.

I'm not sure if this was just because of the bug that just got fixed where nutrients were consumed when plants are inspected but it seems that it's not possible to actually cycle between crops like how it is in real life. For example having all onions in a farm until it's finished growing then switching over to peppers. If the only way to actually do that properly is to manually add nutrients then it's so inefficient that it's not worth doing. To have that be a potential strategy for more efficient farming potentially at the cost of fertilizers would be interesting.

Other suggestions

Wormwood should be able to plant seeds in tilled soil faster. I know that he can plant seeds directly into the soil but if it's placed wrong at the edge then it will not get the benefits from the farm so I till the soil regardless because of that.

Wormwood should exclusively be able to produce useful things from weeds. Maybe upgrades for his current arsenal or alternate recipes with weeds?

I remember that a very very long time ago magic farms was something that was being considered at an early stage in the game. Magical/sentient/hostile plant life would be really fun and give Wormwood more purpose.

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