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What I would like to see from RWYS Beta

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i LOVE the new farming mechanics and the new crops. It rewards you with well for making sure the crop(s) thrive and an interesting mechanic for leaving the crops to rot.

But what honestly saddens me is Wormwoods play in this beta..

Him being able to plant crops without a farmplot is now kinda useless because of the new way to farm via making a square patch of earth to put 9 different plants in AND being able to grow big yields of said plants in it via tending to them and satisfying their needs.

What I would love to see with Wormwood in this update is him being able to utilize the new weeds, along with being able to benifit from planting on the patch of farmland, like being able to grow crops 5% to 15% faster on farmland, or at least a greater chance of getting giant crops.

Now with weeds, I'd like to be able to see him use the Spiny Bindweed as a tool or some craftable item, like maybe similar to a barb wire fence? Like if you walk through it without wearing the Bramble Husk, you take 10-25 damage for every 2 seconds on/in it.

And maybe for Firenettles you could make a winter item/recipe that is similar to Warly's Fish-Frog recipe thingy that can keep the Player warm for half a day.

Maybe for Tillweeds you could make some form of bread? Or maybe buff the Tillweeds healing recipe a tiny bit. Like lower the cost of it to needing 2-3 tillweeds, 2 petals, and 2 charcoal.

As for Forget-Me-Lots, I think they are in a great position, they are useful for sanity.

It would also be interesting to be able to plant said weeds as wormwood, so that the new farming mechanics dont make one of his perks obsolete.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk and goodnight

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7 hours ago, HoovyDeHolyBirb said:

It would also be interesting to be able to plant said weeds as wormwood

Ive seen multiple people suggest this and the idea really is growing on me! I think it fits his character very well to not segregate plants into "weeds" and crops. If he could also utilize them in some special way (imo Tillweed Salve should be cheaper/or better and be a Wormwood exclusive) that would be really neat 

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