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So razor gets two new skins, how about rework for it too?

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Since we get new skins for that item I thought that maybe we should talk about it too. Right now, razor is only used for shaving hair (can be used to shave hedges in Hamlet) but maybe Klei should make it a little more harvest oriented tool. What I have in mind exactly is:

  • give it durability, it's cheap to make so making a new one wouldn't be a problem
  • allow players to equip it and hold it in tool/weapon slot
  • when equipped speed up harvest animation of plant harvest (saplings, grass tufts, mushrooms, crops, etc.) and animal killing from inventory to Winona's faster crafting speed
  • keep shaving mechanic as it is

I believe change like this would make this item much more useful and stop it from being a niche tool that is used for only one thing.

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