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a couple of thoughts

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I have played two games to cycle 130 now, both with 3 asteroids. These are my thoughts on the stuff that changed:

critters and plants

I love the new critter additions, especially the symbiosis aspect. The sweetles' egg chance modifier (tending to spindlefruits) makes for a variety of new ranching combinations. The extending legs animation is unexpected and fits very well.
I dislike their diet consisting only of sulfur, as someone who has never built a sour gas boiler, I would like to have an alternative or another way to create sulfur.

The plug slugs are a nice boost for the early game, they free up a lot of dupe labour time and even with the recent nerf they're still quite helpful.

The bog buckets need a little boost imo. They can only be made into +1 food, which makes them irrelevant. I didn't bother farming them, because the spindlefruit and grubgrubs are way easier to handle (no pump required), way better (+8 morale instead of +1) and the grubfruit preserve has a spoil time of 16 cycles, second only to the non-spoiling foods. I see no incentive to farm bog buckets.

Pacus eating seeds is a great addition, I dont mind the slower taming pace. It's much better than frantically refilling the feeder.


The rocket material and fuel is cheap now. And that is good. The only real problem/annoyance I faced was my dupes getting scalded now and then by the lingering rocket exhaust, since atmo suits arent available as early. I strongly dislike the module limit. If I have only a short distance to cross, let me burn all my fuel for my super heavy rocket please.

oxygen masks

It's a good solution to the big atmo suit hurdle that has its own problems:

  • it consumes O2 like 10 mouthbreathing dupes, sometimes creating vacuums
  • the leftover masks being dropped and not reused

These could be mitigated if a mask held less O2 (30-40 kg instead of 75 kg) as the station would also create less of a pressure hole.

world generation

The swamp asteroid is mostly okay, but: The abyssalite that shields the core is scorching hot and exchanges heat with its environment, despite the thermal conductivity of 0. As opposed to the non-dlc version of the game, where there would be hot tiles occasionally, the new one doesnt even try. The whole abyssalite border towards the core is 500°C minimum. That needs to change.

I wish the terra asteroid had a space biome. It's weird, seeing the biomes border space directly. I guess it makes sense if you dont use the teleporter and access the planet via rocket.


That's all for now, feel free to discuss!

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Its interesting you mention that bog buckets aren't worth farming, but they only take polluted water vs spindlefruit and its other which requires that sulphur, that as far as I know only has one "renewable" way to create.   I think spoil is relatively irrelevant, you can setup automation fairly easily and dump food into a 1tile with conveyer loaders by the time you are really starting to farm.


Rocketry needs a lot of work IMO.   Its cool and some of the aspects about it are nice, but the limit you can put for the pods to be delivered is way too low, vs the cockpit that could have unlimited storage from a loader setup.


I agree mask need way more work, either limit the pass from it to only 1 dupe and it gets stored again or make some other adjustments because it sort of sucks atm.





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