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My feedback of 100+ cycle

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I really liked to to play it. Even experienced player have to re-adjust their building setup and strategies.

Things i liked the most:
- the 'Copy' icon stay there!  (a small things, but really useful) image.png.d84f98fc57c886d838156ed36ac4079b.png
- New Volcanoes!
- Even space is now a midgame goal. There is a lot of stuff/goal for late game.
- And I liked that Dupes can now be print with various stats bonus (instead of always +7 OR 2x +3 Or 3x +1)



Thing i would like to be improuved/changed:
- Oxygen mask is very good for early base (until exosuits), but i really would like to be able to flip the arrow after build. Like for sink.
- We should ba able to choose between stat for the duplicant from cryogenic station. On my run, i gon a dupe that wasn't able to build... really not useful on a brand new asteroid. We could have for example the same screen as the printpod station but with blank dupes images. Or remove trait as unconstructive and trypophobia for the cryo.

- When i've the rocket componant/descrition, i would like to be able to click on the hexagon to choose the new destination.



Things i didn't see wet, but would like to see on the final release.
- Be able to adjust diagnostics. As for example: give me an alert if my food drop below 20,000 kcal.  cause i often receive alarm for unimportant things.

-being able to build a full time habitable ISS. possibility to build it on the hex of your choice, probably can't move, and you can build it like you want. with solar panel 100% time active. and rocket could land (or being attached) to it. i think it could be a nice late game stuff.


That's pretty much it!

Thank you for your awesome game!!

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