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Payload LOADER Suggestion (and cargo module)

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Right now  it is very difficult to manage what you want with the cargo module (used to deploy to the planet) dropping payloads.

You have 600kg as a max limit.  And you can load stuff you choose.

BUT  you can't specifically limit split items.

For example,  if I wanted exactly 400kg of refined metal cobalt.   And 200kg of Glass.  I can't easily dothis.

I'd have to do some manipulation to a storage bin near by,    door restriction and force dupes to load the glass or metal first and then force the to fill in the remaining material space.


Would be easier if we had  option to set limits by items or split the limits.

As an example of why I would do this is this:

Deploy Trail blazer to planet.   Deploy Cargo module.  
Since I don't need  the extra 200k refine metal. I'd like to bring glass with me to create a solar panel.

Deconstruct the trailblazer to get 400kg metal  + 400kg metal from cargo module.

Make a platform to land.    Build solar panel. etc. 


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