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Allow assigning toilets and similar to "crew" like assignment to "medbay"

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When building long-term rockets for trips that could span multiple cycles (particularly large rockets), you seem to be expected to include food and a toilet, however dupes from the planetoid it's landed on will use the toilet during downtime since it is accessible. Ideally, toilets should assign themselves to crew only, so that they are only used when crew is requested for a launch.

Similarly, food storage should gain this functionality, so that food storage can be built for both rockets and medbays that can only be used by dupes actively using those rooms.

Side note: Fridges no longer request food or emit a green automation signal when unpowered, not sure if this is an intended change. This makes food restocking particularly finnicky as there isn't enough space to consistently power a fridge unless you use the larger command unit.

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