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Hi all!  I've been meaning to make a thread where I can post the various shenanigans I manage to create, including artwork if I think it's worthy of being shared.  I'm not yet very comfortable with my artistic skill, but I have plenty of ideas I would love to share and bring into reality. 

Klei Halloween 2020


Here's the very quick and sloppy drawing I made for this year's Klei Halloween event—a spooky catcoon inspired by my real life fuzzy friend.  I was eager try out something I don't usually do, so I decided on scratch paper—something I probably haven't attempted since middle school.  I must admit that I spent much, much more time attempting to make my own paper than actually drawing on top of it.  I had made (and attempted to draw upon) plenty of faulty unscratchable paper until I realized what the problem was—the black drawing ink I was coating the paper with.  Turns out, black paint + a bit of soap was the way to go. 

Despite the trial and error, I definetly had a ton of fun in the process and I would definitely attempt it again.  I don't draw very often these days, but I've ought to do it more often.

Don't Starve inspired fanmixes


Here's a fanmix inspired by DST's Walter and Woby I created when they first came out this summer: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3ZBKO1LJ4EnTt0imF03tn2?si=rJitayzsTZm5wF0KjVSFjw.  I picked out some songs that gave me an adventurous vibe, of being a naive youngster, of being in a forest, of telling spooky stories, of being unable to return back home.  If I were to edit it, I would definitely add more mysterious songs about cryptids (suggestions are more than welcome).


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