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Min max refill options for bins

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Love the game for a while now (after i fanally understood what i did wrong). But what i often hate is that my dupes are filling bins even when there is like only 1 kg missing.

I have bins that are espacially to be filled and then i have bins on strategic position where they dont need to befilled all the time. Could you please add to at least the smart bins the option that they will be filled  at X% only? i always hate it to see when dupes run around like crazy filling certain bins even when there is no need to and excewpt for atomatic it i dont know of any other reliable way tomake sure they only Fill when needed.

Lets take for excample a mushroom farm.

I created it that way fully automated so dupes only need to harvest and maybe fill the bin for slime.  They keep filling those bins even if there is enough for at least a 100 cycles inside.

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Oh and another suggestion would be choosing default Material. Often in mid game i dont know how many times i forgot to change materials after i build at some special places/projects.

What i mean is, i can tell the game lets say my favorite building material for this category lets say anykind of pump is Gold and for the other like cables is Lead.

Often after i stopped playing for the day or when i play to much i totally forgot to change the building material, espacially aftert a project. Lets say i try to tame a vulcan and need everything out of steel, then i go to the next project and totally forgot to change materials.


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