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Mod Character Error

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Please help! 

So this is the mod that i used : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943564683

I usually play with this mod character and so far it was fine until yesterday when I try to use "tropical experience | volcano biome" mod which is mine was outdated so i decided to unsub and sub that tropical experience mod. after that I clean all the mods and caused all of them re-downloaded.

Cut the long story short, I figure out that from all of the mods that I have, this is the only mod that caused the game crashed T_T. Cause I love this character and its mod's stuff so much, I try hard to use it no matter how many times I crashed I keep logining-crashed-repeat but the strange things is sometimes if im lucky i wont crashed using this umaru mod character until i disconnected or relog and then rejoin the world, I'll crashed again and have to repeat logining-crashed-repeat until i wont crashed. (this happened yesterday)

Is there any ways for me to ignore/fix this error which doesn't cause to appear this warning so I can play normally keep using my favorite mod? I feel like gambling everytime I rejoin the world and pray that I wont get crashed T_T

Thanks! I'll be very appreciate if anybody can help me


or suggest me a character that have similar feature like umaru mod (doesnt have to be exactly the same, just "similar") :

-have damaging weapon & easy requirement [Long cat her overpowered weapon (damage:250) and crafting requirement is beefalo wools x8, spear x1]

-have personal craftable items [5 centi Wifi : this is item that have the same function like campfire, can be turn off and on and doesn't need to add fuel so its permanent light that suitable for night time and caves, crafting requirement quite hard bcs need purple gems but its okay]

-faster movement speed


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