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Client disconnection from Dedicated Server in the same house

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I'm having a problem and after about 2 hours of research, I'm still no closer to an answer.

So I have my wife playing on a separate computer while my server computer hosts a dedicated server with mods.

Both PC's are directly connected to the router. Router has been port forwarded & port range forwarded to the default 10999.

Server is running 16GB 3600MHz, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, and a GTX 1080, so I don't think it is any hardware issues.

We've run the server with her and a bunch of her friends, and she is the only one with the issue of disconnecting every 5-10 mins. Anyone have any direction or solutions they've done/come across recently? A lot of the searches pull up this issue from 1-2+ years ago, and I'm not sure what has change since then.

Thanks in advance!

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Server Mod List: 

Break the Ice
Craftable Gears
Craft from Chest [DST]
Custom Weapons and Tools
Display Attack Range
DST Path Lights
DST Storm Cellar
Extra Equip Slot Plus 
Global Positions
Health Info
Increased Spear Reach
Increased Stack Size
Item Eraser
Large Chest
More Battlesongs
Throwable Weapons
Trap Reset
Walter Slingshot Range
Wormhole Marks

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Quickly googling the mods only gave me the info that the DST Storm Cellar and Green! seem to be filled with bugs, and health info seem to be having some minor issues.

Wormhole marks seem to be crashing on the retrofitted caves' wormhole.

If disabling those doesn't help, you can add a crash log, so we can figure out what really happened.

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