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Suggestion: Some sort of way to check if a person's murder results in friend hated or gained reputation cards


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Right now there really isn't a good way to check if a person's murder resulted in another person hating you or a reputation card gained.

Also, AgentUtil.CommitMurder is called 50% of the time when a person is killed in battle, causing commit_murder to trigger 50% of the time. This gives a mixed signal to the event system, as it doesn't really know whether the commit_murder is triggered from a battle or a specific convo action.

An example is that when should slander, the rise pamphleteer bane, is triggered. Right now it is triggered on battle resolution, but does not trigger if a rise is murdered during a specific convo action. However, switching it to trigger on commit_murder will only cause it to trigger 50% of the time, even though you murdered a rise 100% of the time.

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