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It's just an idea but can't they improve the fighting system? I explain: -A Deerclops appears -The Deerclops attacks you -You dodge it and hit it -And so until he is killed * If I use Wolfgang it is even faster and more repetitive, only with a good armor and in his strong form, I can take all the damage while I keep hitting him Now what do we change? Well, first you see the enemy's life somewhere, I don't know why they don't put it, then we put animations on it, the beefalos or a large enemy when charging their attack launches us and then the enemy gets tired and gives you time to attack , also that each enemy has their special attack or well most (a lot of work xd) the spider queen will not create more spiders but will throw a spider web at you and paralyze you, the robots in the rain become slow and receive damage (like WX78) the trees Guardians can create flowers or plants when walking in spring, also that each character has different types of damage (ranged, melee, fire, lightning, ice) also each enemy will fixate or ignore each character (robots will not attack WX78, shadow monsters won't attack Maxwell, tomb ghosts won't attack Wendy and so on) Now that I think about it, it's a bit of an RPG, better put all that as options, to make it all optional, it's a bit weird xd

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