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Reload blocklist.txt/adminlist.txt without restarting the server

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I run a bunch of DST servers on a single machine. I've meticulously set them up so that each is its own DST installation (allowing me to apply hotfixes individually) yet still have the `blocklist.txt` shared between them all (via symbolic link).

I've noticed that when each DST server starts up, it reads `blocklist.txt` and stores its content in memory -- and then never reads that file again. So when I manually insert entries into `blocklist.txt` none of my servers seem to pickup the changes until they're restarted. Furthermore, if DST inserts entires into that file, it does so by recreating the entire file (using the contents it had previously loaded into memory) rather than just appending a line -- thus it can inadvertently delete entries.

Is there a way to tell a DST server to reload the `blocklist.txt`, or any chance we could get a hotfix that changes the behavior of how DST handles `blocklist.txt`?

I'd like it to read that file either everytime a player connects, or at least every X minutes. Furthermore, when appending an entry to it in-game, I'd like it to just append a line rather than recreate the entire file.



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I cannot help you with that but I'd like to add on top of this, but there's a bug when you add a steam ID manually onto the blocklist,  When you ban someone in-game and restart the server the blocklist becomes completely corrupted and a fresh blocklist has to be readded.  As a server owner it's very frustrating to have to reboot the server everytime you ban someone in-game.

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