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Character mod stuck on server generating world.

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So Im just testing my mod out and I haven't changed much besides sound and the actual sprite itself. I'm pretty sure the bug derives from changing the Esctemplate name to the characters name. I would like to add that yes, I changed all instances with proper capitalization. There could be a slip up somewhere however. Any ideas? While there is nothing special going on yet with this mod, It will be a fresh new take on the game by adding music and what not. The character is also from a game I'm currently making.

modinfo.lua modmain.lua

Side note: The Character is odd, Later updates will make it so he cant equip armors and clothes. He has built in damage reduction but it's low and can't be upgraded. Eventually I hope to have a block ability that stems from a character exclusive weapon, acting as a counter. then I'll do all the music stuff where people get buffed from timing their actions to the beat. Extra dps, faster chopping/mining so on. Trying to make him balanced so keep that in mind, anyone can help btw.

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