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The return of THEM... but from where? And why?

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Innumerable dimensions exist beyond the one most properly congenial to us, parallel realities where concepts of time and space appear distorted and bizarre, as do the creatures that live there. Sometimes "weird" imitations, other times nightmares that seem to have found a way to take shape and life.
THEM are beings of these spaces beyond ours.
Are they the gods of Constant? We are not given to know.
We know that they like to observe what happens and that, from time to time, they share their knowledge with some mortal they find interesting: they show terrible and beautiful things, stupendous in their malicious allusiveness.
Can they grant powers of creation and destruction? We don't know exactly; Maxwell's powers are born well before meeting THEM.
But THEM were no longer on Constant, if they only recently returned.
Something must have again drawn their attention to this decaying and dying kingdom, where the path of civilization has flowered and collapsed several times.
Of course, the catastrophic event of the lunar meteorite may have been found by THEM interesting enough to look back.
Perhaps they are studying the emergence of intelligent societies, as otherworldly scientists.
Perhaps they are curious to see what the men of the moon will be able to build, and for how long.
Of course, THEM are not friends. Maybe not even enemies. They exist, like the mountains. They operate in ways that are difficult for us to understand, not unlike the way more complex physical phenomena are difficult to understand.
I imagine Wilson one day standing on the highest cliff of Constant and screaming with all the breath of his body: "THEM ... I came to negotiate ...!"


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