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No sound/music when I open DST

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There are no sound/music whenever I open/start DST Desktop version/PC. I look at the options and all of them are at 10 but still no sound/music. Other games or when I watch a video or listen to music, sounds are there. Only DST has no sound/music for some reason. I tried uninstalling and installing but still no sound/music. Anyone got the same problem?

I wanted to play DST again since I miss playing it. The last time I played DST was last year I think and I remember there was like a mute icon at the menu screen of DST but now its gone. Can anyone help? I really like to play DST again. :'( 

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2 hours ago, lakhnish said:

@LocalNoob Hello!

Try the steps in this help article for the 0 sound issue:


Thanks for the help, Iakhnish! I later found out and played with the sounds bar, I fiddled with the "Open Volume Mixer" option and realized that I muted the game sound there. I am not bright ;-; BUT I really appreciate the help and response! 

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