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Dedicated server glitching after a player returns from the caves

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Hello all,

I recently started a new world on my dedicated server. Everything has been working fine until I returned from the caves to the master world for the first time. Suddenly a sand storm started (it was Spring and I was nowhere near the desert) and my hunger, health and sanity meters were displaying the wrong values (all 100, full). I relogged and everything went back to normal. I attempted the same thing several more times and each time something odd has happened. I've had the same sandstorm bug, the map has suddenly opened without me clicking the map button, new tabs on the crafting menu have suddenly unlocked (I think it was the green thumb tab, and I'm playing as Wolfgang), etc. Each time everything goes back to normal after I log out and log back in.

I've had this server for years, with several worlds with caves. It's a Linux server. I am running with mods and I'm in the process of making sure they are up to date. I did a world regen on an old server when I created this new world, in case that matters. Does anyone have any idea what's going on or what I can do to fix it?


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