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How can I add a custom recipe for an existing item for my custom survivor?

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I was able to achieve to create a custom recipe, but the problem is that everyone on the server is able to use that recipe as well. The goal is that this recipe should be only used by the custom character.

I use this in my .lua folder:


Recipe("onemanband", {Ingredient("goldnugget", 2), Ingredient("pigskin", 1)}, 
    STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.ONEMANBAND= "The best way to make new friends!"

How should I change it to make it custom character only?

My second recipe would use 20 Hunger and 5 Health to produce one Nightmare Fuel. I've tried some codes that I've found around the net, but none of them seemed to work.


Can I beg for your help once again? :)

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Give your character a tag that only it has, and then use it as the requirement in the recipe. (take a look at Wormwood's Recipes for example, his parameter order should show you where to put the tag specifier)

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