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Transparent Materials

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It would be nice to have a 'transparent material' classification like raw minerals or metal ores.  It would include plastic, glass, and diamond.  Then anything that takes any of those three materials, could instead use a 'transparent material'.  So plastic tiles become 'antiseptic tiles' (or some other name) but could be built with plastic, glass, or diamond (giving various properties).  Plastic ladders now become, I dunno faster ladders or transparent ladders or whatever, again allowing the use of say glass or diamond so that they could be built in hot environments.  Glass tiles could be built with plastic, comfy beds with glass, etc...

All three materials (plastic, glass, diamond) are about the same 'tech' level, and are mid-game materials.  So this change won't make the game any more or less 'challenging' but would allow using of glass/diamond in more places, as well as allowing more diversity in tile/ladder choice and other builds.

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